Gold Fever

Keystone Theatre Presents Gold Fever

Keystone Theatre Presents Gold Fever

Set in a barren and brutal landscape where fortunes are made and hearts are broken, Gold Fever explores how the dream of striking it rich brings out the best and the worst in people. Brilliant physical comedy and the rough and tumble spirit of the Klondike combine as we bring unique characters and their stories to life.

Dora Award Winning Keystone Theatre performs in their signature style bringing the aesthetic of silent films to life on stage. The highly talented ensemble dons stylized makeup and costumes all in black, white, and shades of grey. A few strategic title cards appear from time to time, but their stories are primarily communicated through look, gesture, and emotion all supported by an original musical score performed live. Their varied expertise combined with their passion for silent film has allowed them to perfect an entirely unique genre of physical theatre.

Production History:Stella 4-01

– Premiered at the Toronto Festival of Clowns in 2013 to packed houses

– 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival at the Al Green Theatre to rave reviews

– Nominated for Best Fringe Festival Production (Play) BroadwayWorld Toronto 2014 Awards

Co-Created by The Keystone Theatre Ensemble | Director: Richard Beaune | Producer and Designer: Kimberly Beaune | Stage Manager: Parker Nowlan | Musical Director/Composer: David Atkinson | Performers: Dana Fradkin, Phil Rickaby, Sarah Joy Bennett, Stephen La Frenie, David Atkinson, Richard Beaune, Christol Bryan | Keystone Theatre