David Atkinson

(Music Director)
David Atkinson is Keystone Theatre’s music director, though with the unique nature of the Keystone project David ends up being another performer in the ensemble, playing the role of “pianist in a film house”. David hails from Ottawa, where he studied classical piano for 13 years under the tutelage of Hungarian-Canadian composer Gabor Finta, and was also a member of the Nepean All-City Jazz Band, led by Neil Yorke-Slader. David relocated to Toronto in 2004 to study contemporary music performance at Humber College with Brian Dickenson, Dave Restivo and Richard Whiteman. During his time there, David was chosen to perform alongside various visiting jazz luminaries, including Dave Holland and Dave Douglas, and was also awarded the Universal Music Canada award. Since graduating, David has spent the last year freelancing and getting involved with a wide variety of projects, ranging from performing with funk band The Elastocitizens to occasionally playing in the pit in DanCap’s Jersey Boys. With Keystone, David is excited to explore the possibilities in combining traditional pop piano styles from the turn of the century, with the unique experience of interacting with live actors who are interpreting the ideas and techniques used to make the great silent films that revolutionized the entertainment industry.