The Last Man on Earth

Keystone Theatre's The Last Man on Earth, returns to Toronto in April 2014

After the success of 2009’s Dora Award winning production of The Belle of Winnipeg, Keystone Theatre returns to the stage with a new play in the style of a silent film, The Last Man On Earth.

In The Last Man on Earth, The Devil and his minion plot to corrupt the last vestige of innocence on earth. Underdog Gormless Joe must play the hero or lose everything, including his one chance at love. Dora Award-Winning Keystone Theatre brings to the stage a thrilling new play in the style of a silent film.

The Last Man on Earth, returns to Toronto in April April 3-13, 2014 at the Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs. Tickets on sale now!

Created by David Atkinson, Kimberly Beaune, Sarah Joy Bennett, Dana Fradkin, Janick Hebert, Stephen LaFrenie, Ginette Mohr and Phil Rickaby
Directed by Ginette Mohr
Designed by Kimberly Beaune
Lighting Design by David Fox Procenco
Fight Direction by Matt Richardson
Music Direction by David Atkinson
Stage Managed by Kimberly Beaune
David Atkinson – The Piano Man
Sarah Joy Bennett – Minion
Dana Fradkin – Penelope
Stephen La Frenie – The Devil
Phil Rickaby – Gormless Joe


Presented thanks to the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

With special thanks to: Nicolas Billon, Adrianna Prosser, Sabrina Royal, Victoria Murdoch, Liz Chapman, Barbara Fradkin, Brenda Vermunt, Sarah Vermunt, Tim Freeman, Kevin Tinsley, Dean & Barb Sharp, Sarah Joy Bennett, Val Smith, Jeremy Butler, Caronline Feggans, Natalie O’Brien, Lamont Cranston, Mavin Wong, Jim Darley & Carolyn Lykkemark, Helen Atkinson, Gwen Dobie, Jeremy Fradkin, Gina Tantalo, Helen Donnely, Steven Shipper, Jan Henderson, Mike Kennard