Belle of Winnipeg: What do audiences and critics have to say?

– NOW Reader’s Rating

“…show was hilarious! …I wanted more. Was fun, well paced and innovative. This show deserves a long run. Haven’t seen anything like it.“
– Audience Comment

“After what seemed like years of build-up it lives up to expectations. Total fun. Inspiring work from everybody. One of the best live shows I’ve seen. “
– Audience Comment

“I couldn’t hype this show enough to my friends…this show was fantastic not only because the acting was solid but the theme and genre was solid – they never gave up their pursuit to bring silent film to stage.”
– Audience Comment

“Kudos to the cast and production team, I can’t wait to see what they do next! 5 stars!”
– Audience Comment

Very funny. The years of hard work really have made this show a tight, polished and excellently timed production. Awesome!
– Audience Comment

“…as a fan of silent-era films, I felt this play did a great job of both celebrating and updating silent film tropes to a contemporary theatre format.”
– Audience Comment

“Saw it tonight. AMAZING…was totally blown away, creative crazy stuff happening in this show, GO SEE IT!”
– Audience Comment

“Musical director/pianist David Atkinson almost steals the show, providing non-stop accompaniment that perfectly follows the action onstage… Scott McCulloch is very creepy as the evil physician, and, as Belle, the naive runaway bride, Ginette Mohr conveys loads of emotion with physicality alone – no easy feat.”
– NOW Magazine

“The slapstick is funny and video projection is used to wonderful effect….these actors are very good…each provides their share of laughs… You’ll be smiling through a lot of it and laughing…I’d recommend this to any fan of silent movies.”
– Mooney on Theatre

“Keystone Theatre’s salute to the art of silent film feels like real the thing. Harnessing physical theatre like a wild thoroughbred, the production forges a unique stage experience accented by flickering image projections and the odd burst of written dialogue to navigate the storyline. …only once in a long spell does a creation come along capable of snubbing conventional theatre. Hurray for grassroots art, Keystone Theatre knows how to seed the foundation.”
– Toronto Stage

“Piano Man David Atkinson’s iron-wristed marathon at the keyboard —looking like a total dandy in a top hat and tails — is as intense as any Saturday-night guitar-off”
– eye Weekly
Nominated for THREE Dora Mavor Moore Awards – Independent Theatre

Ginette Mohr – Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Principal Role
Lorie Brown – Outstanding Original Costume Design
David Atkinson – Outstanding Original Sound Design / Composition – WINNER