Hamilton Spectator Reviews The Last Man on Earth

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Here’s what the Hamliton Spectator had to say about Keystone’s The Last Man on Earth:

Keystone Theatre is a Dora Award-winning company that uses mime, dance and a measure of clowning to take us back to the comic worlds of Red Skelton, Ed Wynn and Lucille Ball.

This is comedy without words. Think silent screen pleasure.

It’s blessed with the lightning fingers of David Atkinson coaxing from an upright piano, sounds of pain and delirious invention.

There are snatches of The Jitterbug and Nature Boy lurking in the musical shadows of his witty score.

The performers are brilliant. Dana Fradkin’s Penelope is sweet and sad. Janick Hebert’s Minion is outrageously campy.

Stephen LaFrenie’s Devil? Think Bela Lugosi without quirky excess. Add Phil Rickaby as Gormless Joe and you have an everyman in love with life.

The Last Man on Earth is art, pure and simple.

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