Fringe Preview Roundup

Keystone Theatre’s Gold Fever has been mentioned in a few Fringe Previews:

Make sure you check out Gold Fever at The Toronto Fringe!

Montreal Fringe Festival Review Round Up

A collection of reviews of The Last Man on Earth from the Montreal Fringe Festival: called the show “truly different, original, and smart. A real treat.” said “Without a single word spoken onstage and featuring only the occasional (and highly effective) bilingual title card, the story of The Last Man on Earth is related through the beautifully over the top acting and excellent live piano accompaniment. The show is delightful from start to finish, consistently sentimental but never cloying. Sarah Joy Bennett, meanwhile, plays the most lovable evil minion you will ever see onstage.”

From The Montreal Gazette: “Charlie Chaplin fans will want to check out The Last Man on Earth, a beautifully crafted mime show of the silent movie kind featuring a doofus hero, a damsel in distress, a bad guy and his wily human-bat servant. The piano player, who does it all by heart, is amazing. This is charming family fare, from Toronto.”